Video report on "BelBrand"-supported innovation project broadcast on ONT TV Channel

During the finals of the 2018 nation-wide contest of innovative projects, the "BelBrand" Association awarded the "Eco-fertilizers for sustainable ag-riculture and green economy" project with a certificate for informational support and promotion.

Eco-fertilizers are a new type of useful substances for farmers. Earlier, people used organics only as fertilizers; then, mineral additives were invented, but they fail to always bring the due re-sults. Scientists believe that a mixture of organics and minerals is the utmost solution. This fertilizer not only en-riches, but also structures the soil. In simple words, the soil is loosened. As a result, the soil absorbs more oxygen. The crop yields go up by a quarter even on clay soil. Besides, due to this invention, seeds sprout thrice faster. The fertilizer is not washed away by rain thanks to its pellicle. It works longer; therefore, a much lesser amount is needed. Small packages can also be used for growing flowers and seedlings at home.

In 2019, the young authors of the project, Elizaveta Ser-geeva-Nekrasova and Maxim Matsevilo, will get a chance to study at the International Brand Management School of the "BelBrand" Academy and to acquire competencies to pro-mote their project.

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