"Place Capital", new project of "BelBrand" Association, launched in Ivatsevichi

On August 19-24, 2019, a series of events took place in the city of Ivatsevichi (Brest Region) as part of a new project of the "BelBrand" Association – the "Place Capital". The "Place Capital" project is based on the fact that many periods of our country's history, and many cultural monuments situated in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, constitute a common heritage for various nations and countries that can be found in the today's map of the world. Therefore, the implementation of the project assumes broad cooperation with Belarusian state bodies, public organizations and enterprises of various ownership forms, as well as with embassies, public organizations and enterprises of those countries, with which Belarus has a common historical and cultural past and is actively cooperating at present. The project is notable by the fact that the activities scheduled therein are not only addressed to local population and tourists, which is typical for traditional city days and festivals, but are also aimed at attracting investments from the countries with which Belarus has common historical pages. Thus, the historical and cultural components of the project will contribute to the development and use of the commercial potentials of a particular region. The Ivatsevichi District is one of those, possessing an obvious attractiveness in terms of creating new brands – both of national and civilizational significance.

On August 19, 2019, young Belarusian painters began creating their artistic works (frescoes on the bridge and walls; an icon and an animated video about Ivatsevichi district); each of them embodying the historical and cultural heritage of meaningful places in Ivatsevichi and the district, as well as the potentials for the creation of regional material and non-material brands related to the historical and cultural component.

Коворкинг «Капитал места»

On August 23, Ivatsevichi will host a co-working session for authors of youth projects, organized jointly with the Belarusian Republic's Youth Union; the "Nits" (Thread) Literary Festival with the participation of young writers; the Poetry Theatre of Minsk City Branch of the PO "Belarusian Writers' Union"; and an ethno-musical festival, which will be attended by the "Cantus Cordis", a choir from the Republic of Poland. The "Place Capital" co-working session is a seminar-presentation of youth projects of various thematic contents, aimed at increasing the investment attractiveness of Belarusian regions, and commercialization of projects based on historical and cultural potentials of a particular place. On August 24, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the city of Ivatsevichi, the "Nevrida" fantasy folk group will perform in the main city square.

The partners of the "Art Location" and "Place Capital" projects are the Ivatsevichi District Executive Committee, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the Republic of Belarus, the Belarusian Republic's Youth Union and the "Marko" Footwear Holding.

Коворкинг «Капитал места»

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