"BelBrandAudit" – project about goods quality of Belarusian manufacturers

The appearance of the project is a logical continuation of the activities of the "BelBrand" Association in the sphere of enlightenment and education, aimed at forming a responsible consumer who respects the intellectual property, understands the economic and social consequences of illegal trade and spread of counterfeit products, and is able to rationally estimate the advantages of goods and products of national brands.

One of the main tasks of the "BelBrandAudit" Project is to help local enterprises to bring the information to consumers about the advantages of the goods manufactured in the country by making comparative analyses of the goods that enter the Belarusian market from different countries by various routes. The project also aims at making public the information about counterfeit goods in Belarus and about the spread of counterfeit Belarusian goods abroad.

Within the framework of the "BelBrandAudit" Project, the "BelBrand" Association is preparing a series of reports for mass media, including the national television and Internet-based resources. These materials contain expert opinions of highly qualified specialists in different fields of industry about different categories of goods.

In this way, the "BelBrand" has already analyzed cosmetics, toys and household chemicals (the respective reviews were published in the newspaper "Respublika", on the web portal "SB. Belarus Today", and on the Internet resources of the "BelBrand" Association).

The new material focuses the attention of the expert, consumers and participants of the project on the footwear from the branded store of the "Marko" Holding, which is compared with the products by an unidentified manufacturer, purchased in one of the Minsk shopping centre.
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In pursuit of its mission, the "BelBrand" Association protects the interests of national manufacturers and right owners on the objects of intellectual property on modern integration platforms; assists in the promotion of Belarusian brands; creates professional discussion platforms and organizes other events, aimed at creating the favourable conditions for the formation of a civilized market of goods and services, capital, and labour resources inside the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU); establishes professional discussion platforms and conducts other activities which are aimed at increasing the competitiveness of national economies by developing and implementing effective measures to combat illegal trade, and distribution of counterfeit and falsified products.

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