Legal Trade - Secure World

Легальная торговля – безопасный мир

The ProjectLegal Trade - Secure World is oriented towards the development and use of Belarus’ potentials (given its geographical posi-tion and orientation towards the multi-vector character of economic and political interactions with other countries) to increase the efficiency of the ways and means of fighting the illegal trade in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and the European Union (EU).

Main directions:

  1. The expert assessment of the legislation Belarus and its EAEU partner counties in the area of counteracting the illegal trade
  2. The increase of the efficiency of the existing and the development of innovative approaches to the problem of counteracting the illegal trade
  3. Повышение эффективности существующих путей борьбы с нелегальной торговлей на территории Беларуси, разработка инновационных подходов к решению этой проблемы, а также рекомендаций по их применению в общемировой практике.
  4. The educational activities
  5. The informing activities about social and economic risks, caused by the illegal trade in Belarusian goods, for the Republic of Belarus and its partner countries, as well as each individual consumer

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