Gallery-salon "Art Chaos" and Association " Belbrand»

"Art Chaos" Gallery-Salon and "BelBrand" Association to hold 2nd Belarusian arts exhibition in London

An exhibition of Belarusian painters and sculptors will be held on January 14-22, 2019, at the "D Contemporary", one of the best galleries of London. с 14 по 22 января в одной из лучших галерей Лондона D Contemporary.

During their visit to Great Britain, the officials of the "BelBrand" Association will also take part in the meeting of the Eurasian Creative Guild, scheduled for January 17 in London.Alexander Muzykantov, a laureate of the International Musical BELBRAND AWARD, will perform a concert of classical music at the Marian House, Holden Ave, London, for the Belarusians living in London and for Englishmen interested in the Belarusian culture.

The exhibition of Belarusian arts invites everybody for a dialogue about happiness, joy, love, beauty and kindness – the eternal values, integral for both Belarusian and universal human culture.

The pictures and sculptures presented at the exhibition are notable for their humour, contemplativeness, poetic sentiment, inner harmony and balance. Most exhibited pieces are abstracted from reality, with the authors focusing on the world of feelings and personal emotions. By uniting realistic and surrealistic traditions, the painters address the topics of their childhood (Alexander Demidov and Anna Silivonchik), of natural origin (Yegor Batalyonok), and human existence (Nikolai Buschik and Varvara Vyborova).Their works are conflict-free and are aimed at the perception of the beauty of the plastic language.

Художники и скульпторы, работы которых представлены на выставке: Bright colours and simple shapes, fairytale characters and lyrical landscapes as well as psychological portraits will meet visitors of this exhibition of Belarusian arts. The painters and sculptors whose works are presented at the exhibition are Yegor Batalyonok, Nikolai Buschik, Varvara Vyborova, Pavel Grebennikov, Olga Grous, Alexander Demidov, Alesya Issa, Vasily Kost-yuchenko, Maria Larionova, Ivan Semiletov, Anna Silivonchik, Albina Taipova, Alexander Shibnev and Alexander Yushkevich. The "BelBrand" Association keeps supporting young painters by organizing exhibitions and holding artistic plein-air and educational events within the framework of the "Arts in Defence of Brands" creative projects.

Ассоциация «БелБренд» в рамках творческих проектов «Искусство в защиту брендов» продолжает поддерживать молодых художников в форме организации выставок, проведения художественных пленэров, образовательных мероприятий.

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