"BelBrand" Association's activities presented in Cambridge University

On January 18, 2018, officials of the "BelBrand" Association presented their activities and projects to Cambridge University's faculty and students.

Valentina Dynich, Vice-Chair; Nina Kalita, Executive Director; and Anastasiya Andreichikova, an external relations specialist, represented the "BelBrand" Association; they were supported by Alexander Muzykantov, a laureate of International Musical BELBRAND AWARD. The meeting took place on invitation of the Cambridge CentralAsian Forum in collaboration with the Education Development Centre of the Cambridge University, and with the support of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London).

The "BelBrand" Association's major activities are implementing projects and organizing events in the sphere of intellectual property protection; establishing contacts with domestic, foreign and international organizations, working in the sphere of intellectual property protection and adjacent spheres; presentation of interests of the Association members; creation of a professional discussion platform; advocating the interests of the business community in lawmaking in the sphere of intellectual property at the country and interstate levels.

The "BelBrand" Association gives special emphasis to working with the youth as the most promising population group in terms of countering illegal trade in future. The Association is making use of various expressive means most efficient in dealing with the youth: musical performances; scientific, artistic and literary brandshows; contests of package designs, advertisement posters, video clips, etc., held under the overall motto "Arts in Defence of Brands". Besides, such international projects as the Eurasian International Festival of Cultures and the International Musical BELBRAND AWARD have already become the "BelBrand" Association's landmarks.

During the meeting, while discussing possible cooperation, both parties reconfirmed their readiness to interact in various educational and creative projects.

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