Press conference: "EcoEnergy" Project

Press Centre of the House of Press hosts press conference on Association's "EcoEnergy" Project

Belarus will set up the Centre for Ecological and Energy-Saving Youth Upbringing named "EcoEnergy".

Пресс-конференция: проект «ЭкоЭнергетика»

On January 29, 2019, the Press Centre of the House of Press held a press conference dedicated to the "EcoEnergy" Project that assumes to set up the above Centre.

The event was attended by Valentina Dynich, Vice-Chair and the Head of Innovative Projects Department of the "BelBrand" Association; Nina Kalita, Executive Director of the "BelBrand"; Elena Verbitskaya, Director of the "Centre for Innovative Development"; and Yuri Evdokimenko, Director of the State Educational Establishment (SEE) "Krechut" Centre for Children's and Youth's Creativity of the city of Krichev.

The project will be implemented on the basis of the above SEE "Krechut" in Krichev, Mogilev Region. The importance of introducing energy-saving technologies in Belarus causes no doubts.

The project is based on the priorities set up in the Strategy of Small Grants Programme of the Global Environment Fund (SGP/GEF) for the 6th operative period, and is in line with the country’s priorities as highlited in Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated June 8, 2015, No. 235 "On Socioeconomic Development of South-Eastern Area of Mogilev Region" and the Programme of Socioeconomic Development of the South-Eastern Area of Mogilev Region for the period of up to 2020.

The project is supported by the above SGP/GEF and is aimed not only at supporting projects in the sphere of energy saving and ecology, but also at the vivid demonstration of these projects' prototypes for further introducing them into the national economy, and at presenting and narrating about modern technologies in energy saving and ecology and raising the Belarusians' awareness on issues and problems related to ecology, energy saving and environment protection.

The event's relevance is based, in par-ticular, on the 13th Goal for Belarus' Sustainable Development: "The climate change bears a heavy impact on economic development, natural resources and poverty allevia-tion. Finding low-cost and scalable so-lutions to the climate change challenge will provide countries with a healthy and viable economy. 

" The "EcoEnergy" Centre for Ecologi-cal and Energy-Saving Youth Up-bringing will function as a demonstra-tion, advisory and educational plat-form, aimed at informing people about climate change problems, on possible mitigating the impacts of these chang-es and about the need to introduce en-ergy-saving technologies into people's daily lives as one of important ways to minimize negative consequences of the human impact on climate. The pro-ject's hallmark is the use, promotion and commercialization of the designs in the sphere of ecology and energy saving suggested by Belarusian young designers, in particular, in the projects-participants of the nationwide contest "100 Ideas for Belarus".

The first phase of the project assumes to inform all the stakeholders about the mission of the Centre and the tasks to be solved. The press-conferences for local and regional mass media (on November 12, 2018, and January 29, 2019) and seminars for NGO activists and local officials and teachers of the Mogilev Region (on December 13, 2018, and January 31, 2019) were held. Now, youth projects are being selected for presenting in the Centre's online and offline modes; the Centre accumulates materials already availa-ble at educational establishments to launch the awareness-raising activities in the sphere of mitigating climate changes and introducing energy-saving technologies and devices into people's everyday life.

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