Officials of "BelBrand" Association take part in Expert Council "100 Ideas for Belarus"

On January 28, Valentina Dynich, Vice-Chair, and Nina Kalita, Executive Director of the "BelBrand" Associa-tion, took part in the sitting of the ex-pert council of the Minsk regional stage of the "100 Ideas for Belarus" national youth contest, which took place in the town of Zhodino.

The 34 contestants presented their pro-jects in a wide variety of spheres, from IT to agriculture. They defended their projects in the scientific stand-up for-mat. At the regional stage, 12 projects were selected to be further presented in the finals of the "100 Ideas for Belarus" contest scheduled for March 1.

The "BelBrand" Association marked four projects with its informational support certificates, namely, "Green-house with mini-circulation and elec-trically heated bed" (by Yulia Gapanovich); "Energy from under the Heels" (by students of the SEE "Ras-svetovskaya Secondary School" from the Kletsk District); "PPU-5 'Tsunami' booster for washing radiators and heat exchangers" (by Artyom Krivopust); and "Electronic working time account-ing system" (by Pyotr Kushnerov).

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